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"Cofense Helps 2020 Presidential Candidates." Yeah, right. They use dmarcian.

"Elections are all we do." Open to phishing with DMARC turned off.

KLM's Transavia in some dutch

Are the state elections secure? Hell no!

Starting Monday, 3/2/2020, Mad Max will opine on state-by-state Election system cybersecurity vulnerabilities

MGM Resorts left naked by proofpoint DMARC turnoff

Aussie eBay delivery company MyToll goes tits up for days

"I hope dmarcian dies spitting blood." Mad Max

MIT paper gives online voting a NO VOTE

Benton County gets Spear Phished for over $740,000

Why a Meadville Med Ctr Payroll Hack? Because That's Where The Money Is.

Yachting Breach makes it easier to kidnap rich guys!

Zuck you, Phacebook! Cleaning up the gene pool one moron at a time.

You're suing Salesforce. But why don't you sue Agari, too?

Indian SpiceJet security nonexistent; 1.2 million passenger records wide open.

200,000 PIH Health accounts Spear-phished

Ashley Madison Sextortion of Cheating Spouses

Russians hack Iowa Caucuses?

UN Data Breach Started with Microsoft

Twitter and Facebook accounts hacked for 15 NFL teams

Hanna Andersson website hacked