MIT paper gives online voting a NO VOTE

What better way to commemorate this PRESIDENT'S DAY than to announce a focus on state election system vulnerabilities. Starting about Super Tuesday, Mad Max will take the states one at a time and drill down into their election system security. Fifty states, one each day, for five days a week. And I need your help.

Any information you have on a given state would be appreciated. The good, the bad, and the fugly. Just direct your input to MadMax and And let me know if you'd like to be given credit for the data or would like to remain anonymous. In the meantime…

My last report on 2020 election security (read it here) was vaguely negative on a company trying to cash in on Internet voting. Voatz got a little more scholarly drubbing from some MIT wonks (read the report here). The net-net: THE BAD GUYS WOULD LOVE US TO USE ONLINE VOTING! These Voatz dudes actually closed a $7-million series A and they're being used in some 2020 primaries.

Uh, things didn't work out so well in Iowa, guys.

Mad Max
Getting Real About Security

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