You're suing Salesforce. But why don't you sue Agari, too?

On February 1st, in my role as the CISO jailhouse lawyer, Mad Max posted (read it here) that and Hanna Andersson would likely be sued. But I also suggested that Microsoft and Agari should also be named in the suit. Well, on February 5th (read it here), Security Boulevard reported the first lawsuit citing the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) was filed against and Hanna Andersson.

Mad Max personally thinks the litigant and her law firm blew it by NOT including Microsoft and Agari in the lawsuit. I especially think the discovery phase of the lawsuit could really dig up some dirt on Agari, who protects Microsoft and from email phishing/impersonation/spoofing. Just check out my proof of Agari incompetence (click here to read it).

Yo Agari: It's only a matter of time before your flat-out-filthy (FoF) technology comes home to roost!

Mad Max
Jailhouse Lawyer

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